The Perks of using Romangie

Responsive Wordpress Theme that you will love.

It's free

Romangie is free to use. Simply set up Wordpress and install Romangie. That's it.

Retina Ready

It looks great everywhere. Either on small devices or on a 27" Full HD Display.

Designed To Excel


Many people browse the web on their smartphones, or tablets. To make sure all of them have a great experience, Romangie is built upon the great Bootstrap Framework, to ensure a great browsing experience. No matter what device you are using.

Simple and Fast

Romangie's approach to a simpler design means, that your website won't be only super fast, but lets the user focus on your content.


With different post formats, you choose what you publish. And no matter what - It will look great! In addition to that you can enable a sidebar and different footer widgets to display all the widgets you love.

Check it out!

Tell me about it!


Using the Bootstrap 3 Framework at its base, the Romangie theme is fully responsive. Your webpage will look great on smartphones, tablet, laptops or your Television.

Retina Ready is one of the things, that is just getting more and more important. Instead of using .jpg images Romangie uses scalable fonts as icons so your website will look great on those new high definition displays.

Many people use wordpress in their own language. So it's important, that the theme won't get in the way you want to present your content. You can simply translate it in your language and if you want to help out other guys, just send me your language files, so I can include them in the theme for everyone to use.

Usually, when you choose to get a free theme, you have to live with the idea, that the developer doesn't care whether you're happy or not. As this is the first theme that I developed for the wider public, I care about your opinion. So if you have some things, that bother you or you just want to say thanks, just drop me a line and I'd be happy to get in touch with you.

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